Jackson Hole Vintage Sleigh Rides

Join us for a private sleigh ride along the Snake River in Jackson Hole.
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Jackson Hole Sleigh Rides


resh snow, a hand built wooden sleigh and a matched team of horses come together to create the classic winter experience, and the perfect vehicle in which to arrive at our Winter Tipi Camp. Wrapped in warm blankets, we begin our trip with a ride through a Cottonwood forest. The gray trunks and branches of the trees stand out from the pure white of freshly fallen snow to suggest that we are traveling through an Ansel Adams photograph.

The forest is crisscrossed with the tracks of Elk and Moose while a slight breeze creates a swirl of snow from the upper branches. In a little while we break out onto the banks of the Snake River. Right in front of us now rise the peaks of the Teton Range. The setting sun is painting the top of the Grand Teton in lavender alpenglow. As we ride along the banks of the inky black Snake River, we hear the wing beats of a pair of Trumpeter Swans as they run across the surface of the water. In an instant, all goes silent again as the huge waterfowl are now air born and flying into the sunset.

Around the corner we see a Bald Eagle perched high in a riverside Cottonwood tree. He is silent and undisturbed as our sleigh glides beneath him. Now we get the first glimpse of our destination. A roaring camp fire beckons and a curl of smoke from the top of a large tipi of insures that this cold winter’s night will soon give way to a cozy evening venue.

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Extra Information For Your Trip

What to Bring on Your Sleigh Ride:

  • Dress in layers for an outdoor winter adventure.
  • Guests may bring adult beverages.

What We Provide for You:

  • On all Sleigh Rides we will provide guests with warm blankets on the Sleigh.
  • Warm beverages at Camp.