• Wooden Boats Float In Front Of The Teton Range On The Snake River In Jackson Hole Wyoming

Snake River Snapshots

View our photos from our scenic float trips and vintage sleigh rides along the Snake River in Jackson Hole.

Explore the quiet corner of Jackson Hole…

ackson Hole Vintage Adventures offers scenic float trips in wooden boats on the Snake River during the summer months and vintage sleigh rides during the winter months.  All of our adventures are based at Tipi Camp, located along the Snake River, just south of the town of Wilson, Wyoming.  Tipi Camp is nestled in the cottonwood trees that are plentiful along the Snake River.  A nod to a bygone era, the camp is built out of canvas and wooden poles, just as they would have built it long ago.  Jackson Hole Vintage Adventures offers guests a private, luxury experience in nature.  Spending time in the great outdoors has several proven health benefits.  It’s never too early to dream of your next Jackson Hole adventure. Explore our Jackson Hole photo gallery and be inspired. 


Photo Gallery Summer Highlights

A Tipi Stands In A Cottonwood Forest Next To The Snake River In Jackson Hole

An inviting tipi stands open at Tipi Camp, nestled among the cottonwood trees next to the Snake River. The tipis are a comfortable spot to relax on your journey.


Wooden Boats Sit At The Shoreline Of The Snake River In Jackson Hole

Wooden boats sit in the river eddy at Tipi Camp in Jackson Hole.


Two Draft Belgians Pull A Wagon Along The Snake River With Color Fall Foliage Lining The Path

Don and Buzz pull a wagon along a path lined with fall foliage. The path takes you along the beautiful Snake River in Jackson Hole, Wyoming.


Photo Gallery Winter Highlights

Two Belgian Draft Horses Pull A Vintage Wooden Sleigh Through A Cottonwood Forest In Jackson Hole, Wyoming

Don and Buzz pull a vintage wooden sleigh through the cottonwood forest just outside of Tipi Camp. The gentle pace of the sleigh and the quiet of the forest is the perfect way to reconnect with nature.


Warm Candlelight Glows From Within A Winter Tipi Set Up By Jackson Hole Vintage Adventures In Jackson Hole Wyoming

The warm glow of candles set up at Tipi Camp invite you to enjoy a comfortable evening, with good food, good friends and good, old-fashioned fun.


A Campfire Glows While Friends And Family Enjoy Roasing Marshmallows On A Winter's Night

The campfire glows while friends and family gather around to roast marshmallows on a dark winter’s night. There’s no better way to end the evening than to watch the sun set over the Tetons and then snuggle up close to the campfire to enjoy an evening of laughter with family and friends.


Jackson Hole Photo Gallery

winter things to do in jackson wyA Group of Adults Laughs Together At A Riverside Camp On The Snake River In Jackson HoleA Team Of Horses Pulls A Vintage Wooden Wagon Through A Cottonwood Forest Along The Snake RiverA Luxury River Camp Sits On The Banks Of The Snake River In Jackson Hole