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Jackson Hole Float Trips, Sleigh Rides and Snowshoeing


roviding high end outdoor adventures along the Snake River, Jackson Hole Vintage Adventures preserves the magic of a bygone era. In the Summer, we provide float trips down the Snake River in vintage wooden boats. Come Winter, we switch gears and provide vintage sleigh rides and snowshoe tours. The hub for all of our tours is our Snake River-side Tipi Camp.

Vintage Adventures Tipi Camp

Jackson Hole Float Trips, Sleigh Rides and Snowshoeing

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ur Riverside Tipi Camp is the destination of both our Summer and Winter Adventures. This comfortable camp is well appointed to afford a cool, shady space in the summer and a warm, cozy retreat in the winter. Located in a Cottonwood forest along the banks of the Snake River, it’s what helps us create life long memories for our guests. The kitchen at camp provides delicious meals to further enhance ours guests’ adventure.

Featured Tours

Original Wildlife Snowshoe Adventure

2 -3 hours
This is our original winter trip. Our focus is to move silently through the forest and observe what is taking place. We find tracks of the forest residents. Interpreting these tracks is fun and educational. What critter made these tracks, where are they going and what are they doing? Sometimes the answers become apparent, sometimes they remain a mystery. Now and again, if we are quiet and stealthful, we will see the animals. A visit to Tipi Camp for a warm beverage in the Tipi is relaxing before we head back out to complete our hike.
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$650 up to 3 guests, $125/add'l

Hot Chocolate Sleigh Ride

2 - 3 hours
We arrive in camp and gather around a crackling fire. Hot chocolate, hot spiced cider and the makings for S’mores are laid out on the table behind the fireside benches. In a moment, the marshmallows are toasting to a golden brown on the end of a willow stick. The kids are in a sugar induced trance around the fire while the adults pop the cork on their favorite bottle of wine.
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$1,500 for 6, $125/add'l

Snowshoe with Tipi Dinner

4 - 5 hours
Our Premium Snowshoe Adventure offers the guest all of the above as well as a wonderful dinner prepared in our cook tent by our long time cook Holly, the Princess of Winter. Bison Steaks, Grilled Salmon, Dutch Oven Roasted Potatoes and a Fresh Vegetable of the Day are enjoyed in our large, heated Dining Tent. Then it’s into the Tipi for dessert.
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$2,000 up to 6 guests, $250/add'l