jackson hole vintage adventures
jackson hole vintage adventures
jackson hole vintage adventures
jackson hole vintage adventures

Jackson Hole Vintage Adventures

A Luxurious Experience in the Wilds of Wyoming
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Jackson Hole Float Trips and Sleigh Rides

roviding high end outdoor adventures along the Snake River, Jackson Hole Vintage Adventures preserves the magic of a bygone era. In the summer, we provide float trips down the Snake River in vintage wooden boats. Come winter, we switch gears and provide vintage sleigh rides. The hub for all of our tours is our riverside Tipi Camp, located on the Snake River in Jackson Hole.

Featured Tours

Teton Sunset Tour

3 - 4 Hours
As the sun sets behind the Teton Range, a late afternoon departure provides us with privacy and tranquility as we enjoy the river’s magical beauty. This is a wonderfully romantic float for couples. Early evening is one of the best times to observe the larger mammals: elk, moose and deer as they come out to forage as the sun begins to go down.
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$1,250 - $1,900

Breakfast with the Eagles

3 - 4 Hours
Early risers are rewarded with a serene and peaceful morning on the Snake River in Jackson Hole. This stretch of river is prime bald eagle habitat and you may catch a glimpse of one or two while we float. After arriving at Tipi Camp, a delicious brunch is served riverside.
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$1,250 - $1,900

Wooden Boat Tour & Dinner

4 - 6 Hours
Our Riverside Tipi Camp offers a fine dining experience, served at the river's edge. A late afternoon departure provides us with privacy and tranquility as we enjoy the river’s magical beauty. Arrive in Tipi Camp in time for a locally sourced gourmet menu.
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$1,950 - $2,400

Summer Adventures

Jackson Hole Vintage Adventures offers a luxury experience in a beautiful outdoor setting.  In the summer months, we float earlier in the morning and later in the evening in order to provide our guests with a pristine adventure, while offering the best opportunities to view wildlife along the way.  Our guides have decades of experience on the water and are well versed in the ecology of the Snake River.  We pride ourselves on delivering the highest level of customer service while creating lasting memories for our guests.

The wooden boats you see in use on the Snake River were born on the banks of the McKenzie River in Oregon in the 1940’s.  Over time, the design migrated east to the great rivers of the intermountain west.  Nowadays, you may find these boats built out of plastic, fiberglass or aluminum, but none of those carry the warmth and soul of an authentic hand-built wooden boat.  Our fleet is comprised of a variety of boats, all hand-built and meticulously maintained by our guides who take pride in preserving these beautiful vessels.

Hand Crafted Wooden Boats Run By Jackson Hole Vintage Adventures Sit At The Shoreline Of The Snake River In Jackson Hole

Handcrafted wooden boats sit in the river eddy at Tipi Camp in Jackson Hole while guests enjoy a gourmet meal with gorgeous views.

Winter Adventures

A Vintage Horse Drawn Sleigh Glides Along The Snake River In Jackson Hole While Guests Enjoy Mountain Views

Jackson Hole Vintage Adventures shows guests the quieter side of Jackson Hole with a luxury sleigh ride along the Snake River in Jackson Hole, Wyoming.

Experience the gentle calm and tranquility of winter in this area that is home wildlife such as moose, elk, deer, river otter, eagles, trumpeter swans and more.  The Jackson Hole Vintage Adventures guides are well versed in the ecology of the area and are passionate about sharing their love of the valley with their guests.

Our vintage wooden sleighs are made of locally sourced wood and are hand-built using the techniques of old world craftsmanship.  The magnificent team of Belgian draft horses that pull the sleighs are amish-bred gentle giants.  Long ago, in Jackson Hole, life depended on a well kept team of horses for travel, subsistence and survival.  Make a genuine connection with a simpler time as the quiet power of the team pulls your sleigh out onto the trail.

Vintage Adventures Tipi Camp

A Vintage Pole And Canvas Tipi Is Set Up For Jackson Hole Vintage Adventures Running Scenic Float Trips And Sleigh Rides In Jackson Hole, Wyoming

A traditional pole and canvas tent is set up at Tipi Camp along the Snake River in Jackson Hole, Wyoming.

Jackson Hole Vintage Adventures entertains guests at Tipi Camp, a collection of tipis constructed entirely of wooden poles and canvas, as were the camps of native people and mountain men of a bygone era.
ur riverside Tipi Camp is the destination of both our summer and winter adventures. This comfortable camp is well appointed to afford a cool, shady space in the summer and a warm, cozy retreat in the winter. Located in a cottonwood forest along the banks of the Snake River, it's what helps us create life long memories for our guests. The kitchen at camp provides delicious meals to further enhance ours guests' adventure. Each departure is private, allowing us to offer our guests the personal attention that such an experience deserves on every departure.