Snake River Float Trips and Jackson Hole Sleigh Ride FAQs


Where do you float?

We float on the Snake River in Jackson Hole, putting in at Wilson Bridge and taking out above South Park Bridge at our private tipi camp along the banks of the river on Fall Creek Road in Wilson, WY.


How long does the float take?

Depending on the water levels, you may be on the river anywhere from 1-2 hours. In the spring when the water flows faster, the trip will be slightly shorter than in the fall, when the water volume drops and the river flows slower. We tailor each of our departures to the guests’ wishes. If you would like to explore side channels and spend more time on the river, we can make those arrangements for you. Once we arrive at camp, you’ll have time to explore, eat, and even enjoy a campfire if you’re here in the evening. There’s no rush to leave and our guests usually like to make the most of their time in this beautiful place. Most trips run 4-6 hours from the time you arrive to the time you’re back at your vehicle.


Are there rapids? Will I get wet?

There are no rapids on this stretch of river. We will be floating a braided stretch of calm river on the upper Snake River. You should expect to remain fairly dry and you may wear comfortable clothing for the river. Our wooden boats have built-in seating so you can sit up and away from the side of the boat.


Is it better to float in the morning or the evening?

Well, that depends on you! Some of our guests enjoy that “first on the river” feeling in the morning. We launch first so we can have the river to ourselves. While there may be a fishing boat or two on the ramp, morning is a great time for solitude and wildlife spotting. Since our morning trips finish up by lunchtime, you’ll have the rest of your day to explore Jackson Hole or Grand Teton National Park. For suggestions on how to fill your time, see our blog. The evening is also a fantastic time to be on the river. The light is perfect, and there’s nothing better than a luxurious dinner served riverside while you sit by the fire with family and friends. A mountain sunset with alpenglow is a special treat for those who join us for dinner. Either way, the Snake River views are hard to beat.


What should I wear?

We recommend dressing in comfortable layers. The weather can be cool in the morning, but warmer in the middle of the day. Dress appropriately for the season and make sure that you have comfortable clothing with warmer layers on top, covered with a wind/rain/snow blocking layer over the top. If you’re warm, you can always remove your outer layers and stash them safely in the boat. For summer trips, we do our best to keep you dry. Wear comfortable shoes that allow you to walk on uneven ground, like river sandals or a pair of walking shoes. A wide-brimmed hat or a baseball cap with sunglasses keeps the sun off your face while we float. Mosquitos may be buzzing around, so covering your arms, legs, and ankles, and using bug spray if you need it, will help keep you bite-free. For winter sleigh rides, wear warm winter boots with wool socks to keep your toes nice and warm. Don’t forget your hat and mittens as well. Because of the high altitude and the intensity of the sun’s rays, sunscreen is recommended year-round.


What will the weather be like?

The weather in the rocky mountain range can be variable. Temperatures can drop suddenly and we can have a 50-degree temperature swing in a single day. We recommend coming prepared with warm layers, even in the summer. Mornings can be chilly and foggy but that is also the best time to watch for wildlife. While it might be hot during the day, as soon as the sun goes down, it can cool off quickly. You’ll want to pack accordingly, especially if you’re not used to a mountain climate. Check the weather forecast the night before your departure, just to be sure. Our trips go rain or shine unless we decide it would be unsafe to be out on the water, (like if there was an immediate threat of a lightning storm). Storms pass quickly in the mountains, so you may be able to join us at Tipi Camp for your mail, regardless of the weather, but if your trip has an unexpected interruption we will provide a refund or a rebooking, as you desire.


Where does the sleigh ride take us?

We travel roughly 30 minutes by sleigh through the cottonwood forest on the Snake River Ranch and out onto the river levee where we follow the Snake River until we reach Tipi Camp. Since every trip is private, we can make the ride a bit shorter or longer, as you wish.


Can we come if we have mobility issues?

We have taken people with a great range of ability and mobility concerns on Snake River float trips in our vintage wooden boats. At a minimum, you should be able to get yourself in and out of the boat from dry ground, with minimal assistance. The edge of the boat sits between knee and waist height. If you do have mobility issues, please let us know well in advance so we can minimize the walk over uneven ground when we are ready to launch or take out. A float trip is suitable for just about anyone, so if you have any concerns, please feel free to discuss your needs with us prior to making a reservation.


How young is too young?

Children of all ages are welcome on our float trips as long as they can wear a life jacket for the length of the trip and follow basic safety instructions while on the boat. Our Snake River floats are best suited for children 3 and older, but we know that each child is different and parents know their children best. We are happy to recommend local babysitting services to you if needed.


What is Tipi Camp like?

Tipi Camp is a remote piece of property on a cattle ranch, located on the Snake River, with scenic Teton range views. Tipi Camp is “off the grid” with no electricity or running water, but you’ll be amazed at the comforts you may find. Located in the front country, but with incredible views and a magical location, we have taken care to ensure that Tipi Camp provides you with everything you may need. You’ll have your own outdoor fire pit, open-air covered dining for the summer months, and heated dining tent and tipi for the winter months. Your food is cooked fresh on-site in a commercial kitchen and we get compliments all the time about our off-grid bathroom. Tipi camp is a magical place that you need to see in order to fully appreciate it.


Can you accommodate food allergies or requests?

We do serve a prix fixe menu that includes a variety of items and choices. The menu can be altered to make some accommodations if we have advanced notice (at the time of booking, ideally). Last-minute requests may not be accommodated due to the remote location of our camp.


Can we book a private trip?

All of our trips are private! We pride ourselves on attention to detail in providing a high-end experience for each of our guests. The only way to ensure that each and every one of our guests receives top-notch service is to ensure that you have our full attention on every departure! So whether you’re a couple looking for a romantic getaway or a large family looking for a great way to keep the kids entertained, you’ll be guaranteed a private guided experience on any departure you choose. Tipi Camp is spacious and we offer two separate, private dining areas. If you wish for a more exclusive experience in order to have camp to yourself, please contact us to arrange for a camp buyout for an additional fee.


How do I reserve my snake river float trip or Jackson Hole sleigh ride?

Every trip we run is private, so in order to ensure that you have the ideal departure for your family or friends, we will contact you to finalize your request. We do have an online request form that gives us enough information to check availability for you. Once we can confirm that we have the space, we will call you to finalize your reservation, take payment, and confirm your luxury snake river float or Jackson Hole sleigh ride. We’ll also give you details about where and when to meet us and you’ll have a chance to ask us any questions. We look forward to seeing you!


How do we get back to our car?

Please note that special Covid-19 procedures are in place for transportation. You’ll meet us at Stilson Lot, which is located at the river put in. Your vehicle will be shuttled to Tipi Camp while you are on the river. You’ll sign a waiver, acknowledging that you are allowing a driver to shuttle your vehicle for you. Taxis are also available around town. If you need a taxi to get to the Stilson parking area, you may also make arrangements for a pickup at Tipi Camp at an agreed-upon time, just ask us what would be most appropriate. At the end of your experience, Jackson Hole Vintage Adventures staff will escort you to the road and provide directions back to your hotel, if needed. In the winter months, you’ll still meet us at Stilson Lot, where your guide will escort you by vehicle to Tipi Camp. Since Tipi Camp is a bit remote, the Stilson Lot provides a central meeting point, and following our guide, while you’re in your personal vehicle will be easy enough.


Is alcohol provided?

No, alcohol is not provided on any of our departures. However, we allow our guests to bring their own to enjoy on the boat, at camp, or in the sleigh. Our boats have cups and wine keys aboard and camp has the same. We can even keep your items cold in a small cooler as you float. Mother Nature keeps your drinks cool enough in the winter months – no cooler needed.


Is there lodging available at camp?

No, we do not offer overnight accommodations at camp. Once folks spend time at camp, they’d love to be able to stay overnight. We do have a caretaker that stays on-site, but guests are not permitted to overnight at camp.


What is the cancellation policy?

Jackson Hole Vintage Adventures has a 48-hour cancellation policy for individual bookings. Reservations canceled within 48 hours of departure are not eligible for a refund. Reservations canceled outside of the 48-hour cancellation policy will receive a full refund. For camp buyouts, Jackson Hole Vintage Adventures has a 30-day cancellation policy. Reservations canceled within 30 days of departure are not eligible for a refund. In the interest of guest and guide safety, we may choose not to run a trip. In this case, we will rebook you at your convenience. If rebooking is not an option, you will receive a full refund. To keep our guides and our guests safe, please do not join us if you are feeling ill. We are happy to rebook you or make arrangements for another day.

**Medical cancellations due to SARS CoV-2 have a specialized cancellation policy and will be handled on a case-by-case basis as needed.


What are you doing to keep your guests safe during the pandemic?

Jackson Hole Vintage Adventures has several procedures in place to make sure that our guests are safe while they participate in a wooden boat tour or a sleigh ride with us. Our staff has procedures to follow in preparation for your arrival and we will ask that all guests come prepared to adhere to Teton County, Wyoming, and CDC guidelines. Prior to your arrival, wear a mask and wash those hands!