Jackson Hole Float Trips

Jackson Hole Float Trips

Join us for a private trip down the Snake river in our wooden boats!
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Snake River Float Trips


ince 1978, Wooden Boat River Tours has been entertaining fishermen and scenic guests in handmade wooden drift boats. These boats evolved on the McKenzie River in Oregon in the 30’s and 40’s. Today, this style of boat is made in aluminum and fiberglass but these materials, although functional, lack the warmth and soul of the hand built wooden version. We like the vintage look and feel of wood and since we are craftsmen, as well as boatmen, we can build, repair and restore these beautiful boats ourselves. These boats are as beautiful as the waters they float, and are the most comfortable craft on the river.

We offer a full menu of tours, each one complete with a riverside meal appropriate for the time of day. We also offer a special price point trip each season for those visitors on a budget. Those who would like to experience this most unique river experience and bring their own picnic to enjoy at camp.

Vintage Summer Tours

Wild Child Adventure

4.5 Hours
Our magnificent team of gentle giants, Don and Buzz, leads our wagon into the forest where all of the fun begins. Originally developed with children in mind, we have found that the Wild Child Adventure sets the stage for all ages to have a very special, fun and meaningful time in the wilderness.
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Teton Sunset Tour

3 to 4 hours
Sunset behind the Tetons, a late afternoon departure provides us with privacy and tranquility as we enjoy the river’s magical beauty. This is a wonderfully romantic float for couples. Early evening is one of the best times to observe the larger mammals: elk, moose and deer as they come out to forage as the sun begins to go down

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$1,150 - $1,800

Breakfast with the Eagles

3 - 4 hours
After pushing off into the river, your guide serves hot beverages and warm blankets. For the next few hours we will enjoy wildlife viewing, along with the sights and sounds of the river. When we arrive at Tipi Camp, a wonderful Brunch is waiting in the dining area, the entire Teton Range in view.

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$1,150 - $1,800

Wooden Boat Tour & Dinner

4 hours
Customers of Jackson Hole’s many great restaurants expect a four course gourmet dinner prepared by accomplished chefs, served on white linen by an exceptional wait staff. Our Riverside Tipi Camp now offers that fine dining experience. A late afternoon departure provides us with privacy and tranquility as we enjoy the river’s magical beauty.
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$1,750 - $2,200

Extra Information For Your Trip

What to Bring on Your Snake River Boat Trip:

  • sunscreen
  • sunglasses
  • hat
  • sweater or jacket
  • shoes that can get wet
  • camera
  • binoculars/spotting scope
  • bathing suit (optional)
  • Any specialty/adult beverages that you may like

What We Provide for You:

  • lifejackets
  • raincoats
  • binoculars
  • field guide books
  • dry storage for cameras
  • cooler with ice and cold beverages