Covid Guidelines and Procedures

Here at Jackson Hole Vintage Adventures (JHVA) we strive to provide memorable experiences while keeping the health and safety of our guests and employees our top priority.  We consider ourselves leaders within the river industry in Jackson Hole. In developing our covid guidelines and procedures during this pandemic, we have considered the recommendations of the CDC, as well as all health orders put forth by Teton County, WY.  No matter how diligent our efforts, it is impossible to ensure that a river trip will be 100% free of sources of infection. We reserve the right to reserve service to those who will not abide by our protocols, and kindly ask that our guests make responsible decisions regarding the health and safety of themselves and our staff, and respect all of the guidelines that we have developed.


Booking and Pre-Trip Communication

  • All JHVA staff must complete a health screening and temperature check upon arriving for their trip.
  • We are limiting trips to single families, and small groups traveling together. We are not offering river trips for large groups of unrelated parties at this time.
  • At the time of booking, guests are informed about the mask wearing requirements during their trip. Masks are required to be worn, properly, at all times that guests and staff are physically unable to maintain a social distance of six feet.  Masks are available upon request.
  • Upon arriving at the predetermined time and meeting location guests will meet their guides and shuttle drivers, and are required to undergo a temperature check before completing our assumption of risk form, and shuttle release and indemnity agreement.  If there are any detectable signs of infection, the party will not be permitted to participate in their river experience.



  • JHVA staff is no longer providing transportation of guests under any circumstances. Guests are responsible for their transportation to the meeting location (Stilson Lot / The Teton Village Transit Center).
  • A river experience with JHVA now includes the shuttling of guest vehicles by JHVA staff.  While guests are on the river, JHVA staff (while wearing masks/ gloves) will move the guest’s vehicle(s) to Tipi Camp, where they then sanitize any surfaces in the vehicle that were touched during the shuttle.


On the River

  • Guests must wear a properly fitted facial covering that covers the nose and the mouth for the entire river float.
  • When possible, we request that guests sit in the front row of seats in the boat.
  • Sanitation kits including hand sanitizer, surface sanitizer, masks and gloves are available upon request throughout your entire experience with JHVA.


Sanitation Procedures in Tipi Camp

  • Additional hand wash stations for guest use have been installed in Tipi Camp to promote good hygiene. 
  • All river equipment used on each trip is sanitized in between uses, including but not limited to: binoculars, life jackets, blankets, coolers, clipboards and pens.
  • All surfaces are sanitized, and all blankets that are used in camp are switched out between trips.
  • Kitchen staff wear gloves and masks, and follow all current food safety guidelines when preparing and serving food for guests.
  • Staff only busses dishes after guests have left the area. Guests are welcome to bus their own dishes if they prefer. Bus tubs are available upon request.
  • JHVA staff will not enter a tipi while guests are present inside the tipi.


If you have additional questions, you may read through our FAQs online.  Please contact us with any further questions.  If you are ready to book, go ahead and browse our collection of private trips, offered seasonally in the summer and winter months, here in Jackson Hole, before making your final decision.

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Featured Summer Scenic Floats

Wild Child Adventure

4 - 4.5 Hours
Spend an afternoon with the gentle giants of Jackson Hole. Our working horses lead you into the forest (by wagon) for a lighthearted afternoon with time to explore, play, picnic and create. Reconnect with your inner child and reap all the benefits of time well spent in the woods.
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Teton Sunset Tour

3 - 4 Hours
As the sun sets behind the Teton Range, a late afternoon departure provides us with privacy and tranquility as we enjoy the river’s magical beauty. This is a wonderfully romantic float for couples. Early evening is one of the best times to observe the larger mammals: elk, moose and deer as they come out to forage as the sun begins to go down.
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$1,250 - $1,900

Breakfast with the Eagles

3 - 4 Hours
Early risers are rewarded with a serene and peaceful morning on the Snake River in Jackson Hole. This stretch of river is prime bald eagle habitat and you may catch a glimpse of one or two while we float. After arriving at Tipi Camp, a delicious brunch is served riverside.
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$1,250 - $1,900

Wooden Boat Tour & Dinner

4 - 6 Hours
Our Riverside Tipi Camp offers a fine dining experience, served at the river's edge. A late afternoon departure provides us with privacy and tranquility as we enjoy the river’s magical beauty. Arrive in Tipi Camp in time for a locally sourced gourmet menu.
Check Availability
$1,950 - $2,500
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Featured Winter Sleigh Rides

Simply Sleigh Ride

2 - 3 Hours
Enjoy the fresh mountain air on this simply sleigh ride through the cottonwood forest and out onto the banks of the Snake River in Jackson Hole. Hot chocolate and cookies are served while you ride.
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$1,000 for 6 guests, $125/add'l

Dinner Sleigh Ride

3 - 4 Hours
Upon arriving at camp, guests enjoy warm beverages and appetizers around a crackling camp fire. Then, it’s into the heated dining tent for a delicious dinner of bison and grilled salmon with dutch oven roasted potatoes and steamed vegetables. After dinner, dessert is served in a wonderfully warmed tipi for your enjoyment.
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$2,600 for 6 guests, $400/add'l

Appetizer Sleigh Ride

3 - 4 Hours
Our early evening Sleigh Ride begins in a cottonwood forest and continues on to the Snake River. You'll have beautiful views of the Jackson Hole Valley and the setting sun behind the Tetons. Upon arriving at camp, guests enjoy warm beverages and appetizers around a roaring camp fire. We return to town in time for dinner at your favorite restaurant.
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$2,000 for 6 guests, $300/add'l

Hot Chocolate Sleigh Ride

2 - 3 Hours
We arrive in camp and gather around a crackling fire. Hot chocolate, hot spiced cider and the makings for S’mores are laid out on the table behind the fireside benches. In a moment, the marshmallows are toasting to a golden brown on the end of a willow stick. The kids are in a sugar induced trance around the fire while the adults pop the cork on their favorite bottle of wine.
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$1,600 for 6 guests, $125/add'l