jackson hole sleigh rides
jackson hole sleigh rides
jackson hole sleigh rides

Jackson Hole Vintage Sleigh Rides

Experience the magic of winter in Jackson Hole on our vintage sleighs.
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What can you expect on a luxury sleigh ride with
Jackson Hole Vintage Adventures?

inter is a magical season in Jackson Hole.  We can't think of a better way to enjoy it than to find a quiet corner of the valley and slow down for the experience.  Jackson Hole Vintage Adventures provides luxury sleigh rides along the Snake River in Jackson Hole.  Travel through a winter wonderland before arriving at our tipi camp, nestled among the cottonwood trees at the river's edge.  The tipi camp is constructed entirely of wooden poles and canvas, as were the camps of native people and mountain men of a bygone era.  Experience the gentle calm and tranquility of winter in this area that is home to a variety of wildlife, such as moose, elk, deer, river otter, eagles, trumpeter swans and more.  Our destination is the delightfully warm riverside tipi camp, where you'll be served treats and hot cocoa, or an expertly prepared meal.  Our beautifully appointed vintage wooden sleigh is drawn by a team of draft horses, and provides a serene and nostalgic way to enjoy the myriad sights and sounds of this spectacular environment.  Join us for a bit of vintage Wyoming fun this winter.

Vintage Wooden Sleighs

Our vintage sleighs are made of locally sourced wood and are hand-built using the techniques of old world craftsmanship.  The magnificent team of Belgian draft horses that pull the sleighs are amish-bred gentle giants.  Long ago, in Jackson Hole, life depended on a well kept team of horses for travel, subsistence, and survival.  Make a genuine connection with a simpler time as the quiet power of the team pulls your sleigh out onto the trail.  Join us for an unforgettable Jackson Hole sleigh ride.

Sleigh Rides and Winter Tours

Available Tours

Appetizer Sleigh Ride

3 - 4 Hours
Our early evening Sleigh Ride begins in a cottonwood forest and continues on to the Snake River. You'll have beautiful views of the Jackson Hole Valley and the setting sun behind the Tetons. Upon arriving at camp, guests enjoy warm beverages and appetizers around a roaring camp fire. We return to town in time for dinner at your favorite restaurant.
$2,000 for 6 guests, $300/add'l
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Dinner Sleigh Ride

3 - 4 Hours
Upon arriving at camp, guests enjoy warm beverages and appetizers around a crackling camp fire. Then, it’s into the heated dining tent for a delicious dinner of bison and grilled salmon with dutch oven roasted potatoes and steamed vegetables. After dinner, dessert is served in a wonderfully warmed tipi for your enjoyment.
$2,600 for 6 guests, $400/add'l
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Hot Chocolate Sleigh Ride

2 - 3 Hours
We arrive in camp and gather around a crackling fire. Hot chocolate, hot spiced cider and the makings for S’mores are laid out on the table behind the fireside benches. In a moment, the marshmallows are toasting to a golden brown on the end of a willow stick. The kids are in a sugar induced trance around the fire while the adults pop the cork on their favorite bottle of wine.
$1,600 for 6 guests, $125/add'l
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Mid-Day Sleigh Ride with Lunch

3 - 4 hours
This early afternoon sleigh ride offers the best opportunities to see wildlife. After a gentle half-hour sleigh ride, we arrive at the tipi camp and settle into a heated tipi for a fresh and delicious lunch features light appetizers, homemade soups and freshly grilled sandwiches. For dessert, our freshly baked cookies will satisfy your sweet tooth.
$2,000 for 6 guests, $300/add'l
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Simply Sleigh Ride

2 - 3 Hours
Enjoy the fresh mountain air on this simply sleigh ride through the cottonwood forest and out onto the banks of the Snake River in Jackson Hole. Hot chocolate and cookies are served while you ride.
$1,000 for 6 guests, $125/add'l
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Winter in Jackson Hole

Winter in Jackson Hole can be quite variable. The snow can start flying in October and continue to May or even June. However, we typically experience the onset of winter around the end of November, when the snow starts accumulating on the ground. So it continues until the end of March, when it melts off and the ground becomes visible again. Our days are shorter during the winter and the temperature drop is noticeable as the sun goes down. We do recommend packing wool or synthetic layers for your vacation so you'll stay warm and be able to enjoy all the outdoor activities that Jackson Hole has to offer during the winter.

Average high and low temperatures for Jackson Hole are:

  • November: 40F/17F
  • December: 28F/7F
  • January: 28F/5F
  • February: 33F/9F
  • March: 42F/18F
  • April: 52F/25F

Vintage Adventures Gallery

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