Jackson Hole Wooden Boat Show

A Snake River celebration of the McKenzie River Boat.

ach Spring, on the Saturday before Memorial Day, we throw an annual party called the Snake River Wooden Boat Show to celebrate the wooden McKenzie River Boat. This boat evolved on Oregon’s McKenzie River and is our boat of choice for many reasons. First, is the simple beauty of it’s design and the function of that design on moving water. In the hands of a skilled boatman it swims gracefully around obstacles and moves across the river like a dancer. Second, and probably just as important, is the fact that ours are made of wood. Wood is a vintage material that suits us well as we can build, restore and repair these boats ourselves. The wooden boat has a warmth and beauty that just is not found in mass produced versions made of plastic or metal.

Snake River Wooden Boat Show participants feel exactly the same about these boats, so we are natural co-conspirators when it comes to hand built river boats. We all like to show off our handy work and exchange ideas and techniques. The event is open to the public as well and many visitors stop by just to admire these very cool boats. “I was driving by and saw these boats and just had to stop to get a better look,” is what we hear all the time. Can’t blame them, they are flat out very handsome boats.

Each year we bring both our “working fleet”, the boats that delight the guests of Wooden Boat River Tours, and our “historic fleet”, boats built by the hands of the masters like Keithe Steele, Jon Ostrem, Woodie Hindman and the legendary Ray Heater. Our like minded friends bring their home built boats as well as many restored versions. After the show we launch the boats and float a boat parade to out riverside tipi camp.

The 19th Annual Snake River Wooden Boat Show will happen on Saturday, May 25, 2019. Give AJ a call for more info. 307 732 BOAT