Tipi Camp

If there is one thing that sets Jackson Hole Vintage Adventures apart from other outdoor adventures it is our Riverside Tipi Camp.


n Summer, it is the take out point for our river floats. It is here that you can explore the riparian habitat that has been the background during the floating portion of your river trip. The camp is nestled in a Cottonwood forest, a keystone habitat that is home to many plants, animals and birds. It is here, in the quiet corner of the valley, that you can regain your land legs and relax to the sounds of rushing water and singing birds. The Tetons are reflected in the clear water pond as you enjoy appetizers and cocktails, and reflect on the magic of the moment. The boats on the pond are for you to take the oars and try your hand at rowing a historical wooden drift boat.

The tipis, cook tent and dining tents are reminiscent of a trapper’s rendezvous, an annual event that took place very close to here in the early 1800’s. The camp is constructed entirely out of wooden poles and canvas, as were the camps of the native people and mountain men of a bygone era. Our tents are comfortably appointed to keep you cool in the summer and warm and cozy in the winter. Let it rain, let it snow, we are warm and dry at Tipi Camp.

Kids love Tipi Camp. There are many activities for the youngsters. A walk on snowshoes in the winter gives way to a hunt for feathers and bones in the summer. Swimming in the pond on a hot summer day is for kids of all ages. Inside the tipi we will find books that teach us about the birds and animals of the cotton wood forest.

Special events with catered dinners are a popular happening at the riverside Tipi Camp.

It is the Riverside Tipi Camp that makes Jackson Hole Vintage Adventures a lifelong memory.