Preparing for our Jackson Hole Sleigh Rides

Our guests always get to see the snowshoe Tipi Camp up and running with all the bells and whistles in place; however, it doesn’t happen without considerable effort up front!  We start preparing for our Jackson Hole sleigh rides well in advance to make sure the sleighs and Tipi Camp are in perfect condition for our guests. Here are some images to show you the rest of the story:

Jackson Hole sleigh rides preparationSnow control takes some serious effort, but the proper tools make it work.  Above, we see our 1971 Flex Trac Nodwell getting ready to pull our homemade V plow, which we recently improved.

As usual, Kevin is responsible for the high tech improvement in the tracking system.


Track packing the sleigh trail in November is a first.


Here comes the hay!  Our sleigh pulling team, Spanky and Alfalfa, will eat 100 bales of hay while stationed at camp this winter.