Nature Mapping Float Trips in Jackson Hole

nature mapping float trips in jackson hole

During the course of the summer, Kevin and I are privileged to spend quality time on the water with a very interesting group of folks. Along with our daily trips with our guests, we also find time to volunteer our services to further the study and mapping of the wildlife that we see along the river corridor. Most Sunday mornings, you will find us floating on Nature Mapping trips with volunteer citizen scientists. Results of our trips are entered into a database that will help wildlife managers watch the ebb and flow of species on a yearly basis.


A few weeks ago, Kevin had the opportunity to spend the morning on the river with Susan Patla, the non-game bird biologist for the Bridger-Teton National Forest. We often float with Susan to observe Eagle nesting habits along the river. Our boats afford access to areas that are otherwise difficult to observe. On this particular morning, Susan was trying to locate a particular species of bird that is rarely seen but sometimes heard. Equipped with electronic calls, the morning’s float turned up several interesting sites but alas, no sign or sound from the elusive Yellow Billed Cuckoo.