Nature Mapping Wildlife Report for August 27, 2017

Once again, we had a lovely trip down the river this week on our Jackson Hole float trip—and were graced by the presence of 22 different species along the way! Frosty mornings are giving way to beautiful sunny days and the critters are beginning to move about.  Fall is coming!

One of the highlights was a Bald Eagle swimming for a few seconds while trying to manage the big fish he just caught. Not only was this quite an image, it was one we had never seen on a float trip before! Beyond that we saw a dozen Black-billed Magpies, one American Goldfinch, twelve Western Wood-Pewees, and one yellow-bellied Marmot: another great Jackson Hole float trip in the books.

jackson hole float trips

20 bird species; 2 mammal species

Canada Goose 10
Cinnamon Teal 1
Mallard 5
Common Merganser 31
Bald Eagle 11
Sandhill Crane 4
Spotted Sandpiper 26
Broad-tailed Hummingbird 1
Belted Kingfisher 3
Northern Flicker 3
American Kestrel 1
Western Wood-Pewee 12
Black-billed Magpie 12
Common Raven 3
Tree Swallow 9
Cliff Swallow 21
American Robin 5
Cedar Waxwing 17
Yellow Warbler 15
American Goldfinch 1
Yellow-bellied marmot 1
Least chipmunk 3

Weather Conditions
Beginning temp: 39’F
Ending temp: 52’F
Wind: Light
River Flow: 3710 cfs
Clouds: clear/sunny