Traditional frame built wooden drift boats

Roadkill Boatworks

A boat shop is much more than a physical location. The heart of the shop is in the people with the passion to keep traditional frame built wooden drift boats alive.


hether restoring an historic old boat, rebuilding a wrecked boat or building a brand new boat from scratch, the boat shop hums with the sound of tools and the excitement of the project at hand. These are labors of love and we are blessed to have a crew of like-minded individuals to take on the challenge.

He also maintains it and is proud to do so.

The guide who rows you down the river most likely had a hand in the construction or restoration of that boat. He also maintains it and is proud to do so. Our boats are recreations of the original McKenzie River Boats that evolved on that Oregon river in the 1930’s and 40’s. Woodie Hindmann, John Ostrem, and Keithe Steele are a few of the legendary builders who were instrumental in the evolution of these boats. Though they are gone now many of their boats live on. Wooden Boat River Tours has boats that were built by the hands of these master builders. They are part of our historical fleet. When we find a boat with a pedigree and a story we bring it to the Roadkill Boatworks shop for restoration. To us it is an honor to work on a boat that was built by the hand of one of the legendary builders of a bygone era.

A living legend and master craftsman.

Many of our working boats were built for us by Ray Heater of Portland, Oregon. Ray is a living legend and master craftsman. He provides us with boat kits that we assemble as well as custom built boats for our guiding business. His love of these boats and his willingness to share his knowledge was a instrumental in the creation of the Roadkill Boatworks. Thanks to Ray and a number of other knowledgeable builders, we not only have the passion, we have the skills required to build boats for our very specific purposes.

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