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1940's Tradition on the Snake River
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Jackson Hole Wood Boat Tours


ince 1978, I have been floating my fishing and scenic guests in wooden McKenzie River Boats. This boat evolved on the banks of the McKenzie River in Oregon in the 1940’s. Since then it has migrated to the great rivers of the Intermountain West. It is now built in both fiberglass, plastic and aluminum but none of these materials have warmth and soul of the hand built wooden boat.

Our fleet is comprised of a variety of boats, all custom built for our specific purposes. Some can haul up to 6 guests, some for the romantic float for couples and others to accommodate fly fishermen. Some have been built for us by Ray Heater and Cyrus Happy of Ray’s River Dories. Others have been designed and built by us. All are meticulously maintained by the guide who rows it, again, creating the pride of ownership that separates our guides from the rest.Vintage Jackson Hole Wooden Boat Tours

We also have ad “Historic Fleet”. These are boats that we have acquired over the years. These boats have a long and sometimes very interesting story. Most have been“rescued” from back yards in Oregon, where they were destined to become flower planters. You will see these boats proudly returned to their former glory at our camp. They are there to be enjoyed by you, our guest, on the pond at camp.

The oldest was build by legendary builder Woodie Hindmann in 1953. A 1967 Jon Ostrem built boat is destined to end it’s career in the Wooden Boat Museum in Leaburg, Oregon but for now continues to float the Snake River and is available for your enjoyment on the pond at camp. Come on down and row a legend.