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Over the past 35 years my business has gone by many names. In the late 70’s it was Safaris Aquaticos, Floating and Fishing Patagonia. This was the first ever river floating company in Argentina. Back in the USA my company was called FatBoy Fishing. Wyoming, Montana and Yellowstone National Park were the venue locations and we had a small group of dedicated angling clients that shared our passion for the sport of fly fishing. Together we explored the legendary waters of the greater Yellowstone area.

After spending more than twenty years guiding the famous trout streams of South America, the Intermountain West and several years working for the top fly-out lodges of Alaska, I decided to come home to Jackson Hole. After all, this is not a bad place to live and work. My home waters, the Snake River, where I cut my guide teeth in the early 70’s, were calling me back.

Now fast forward to 2014. We now have twenty years of treating our guests to the unique adventure of Wooden Boat River Tours. This combined our passion for our hand built wooden drift boats as well as the amazing adventure of exploring the Snake River in these classic boats. Add to that our winter adventures on snowshoes and more recently horse drawn sleigh.

All of these adventures revolve around another unique aspect, our Riverside Tipi Camp. Our camp is what puts our adventures head and shoulders above the rest. Located in the quiet corner of the valley, it harkens back to earlier times. It is a place to relax in a peaceful setting, a place to enjoy the beauty of nature without the rush of the modern world. The camp, the boats, the sleighs and snowshoes are all vintage pieces. They are all the result of fine craftsmanship and our adventures are crafted of the same.
Welcome to AJ DeRosa’s Jackson Hole Vintage Adventures. We are sure that you will enjoy them as much as we enjoy bringing you into our world.