Buzz and Don are Settling in Nicely and Making Friends at Camp: Jackson Hole Sleigh Rides


New Residents at Tipi Camp

Buzz and Don Hard at work at camp: Jackson Hole Sleigh RidesWe continue to have stunning views and exceptional experiences providing Jackson Hole Sleigh Rides at our riverside Tipi Camp. Tipi camp has new residents: Buzz and Don, 11 year old Belgian Gelding draft horses. After eight winters of providing sleigh ride experiences for our guests, Jackson Hole Vintage Adventures has acquired its own team of horses. It took over a year of persistent searching to find the perfect team, but the effort paid off. Both Buzz and Don were born and raised on Amish farms, and weighing in at one ton apiece, they are truly handsome gentle giants. Carole-Malia and Maria hitch the team daily pulling either the sleigh or the equipment used to maintain the sleigh track.  The horses are happiest with consistent work and get to do what they do best while enjoying some of the best Jackson Hole Sleigh Rides and the most beautiful Teton Views around!

Big Don Making New Friends at Camp:Jackson Hole Sleigh RidesNew Horses, Buzz and Don Hanging out at Camp: Jackson Hole Sleigh Rides