Two Children Dressed In Winter Snowsuits Sip On Cups Of Hot Cocoa

Winter in Jackson Hole with the Kids!

This charming mountain town is the perfect destination for families who love skiing, snowboarding, and playing in the snow.

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Winter Sleigh Rides in Jackson Hole

For those seeking a white winter, Jackson Hole will undoubtedly deliver from November to April with its snowcapped mountains,...

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On The Menu This Winter In Jackson Hole

For a unique winter experience, enjoy a luxury sleigh ride and a gourmet meal while on vacation in Jackson...

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Rustic Luxury in Jackson Hole

A vintage sleigh ride through the cottonwoods is the only way to experience rustic luxury in Jackson Hole. ...

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A Team Of Belgian Draft Horses Waits In The Snow With A Playful Tongue Catching Snowflakes

Jackson Hole Winter Adventure

Nothing is more magical than climbing aboard a hand-built wooden sleigh and enjoying a winter adventure in Jackson Hole.

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Sleigh Ride Season Is Coming to Jackson Hole

We’re getting excited about hitching our wonderful team of Belgian horses to the sleighs again for the magical time...

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Our Horses

My time with our guests at Jackson Hole Vintage Adventures begins every time I come to camp to work...

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Buzz and Don are Settling in Nicely and Making Friends at Camp: Jackson Hole Sleigh Rides

  New Residents at Tipi Camp We continue to have stunning views and exceptional experiences providing Jackson Hole Sleigh...

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