A Sleigh Ride in Jackson Hole

The Entrance To Tipi Camp Is Lit By Candles On A Cold Winter's Evening, Inviting Guests To Enter On A Jackson Hole Vintage Adventures Sleigh Ride

Take a Sleigh Ride in Wyoming with Jackson Hole Vintage Adventures

A winter vacation in Jackson, Wyoming conjures scenes of fresh, glistening snow, steaming hot cocoa, and the soft, muffled hoofsteps of beautiful Belgian horses as they prance proudly through the powder, leaving a trail of sleigh tracks behind them. The scene is straight out of a dream, and Jackson Hole Vintage Adventures has crafted the perfect morning, afternoon, or evening for your picture perfect winter experience.

Exclusively offered during the winter season, our sleigh rides are a unique activity that must be added to your itinerary during your trip to Jackson Hole if you’re looking for an element of magic in your adventures. All tours are private, so you and your family and friends will have our vintage sleigh and horses all to yourself.

Our wooden sleighs are all hand built, by craftsmen of a time long gone. As with anything of quality, these exquisite sleighs receive the highest care as we take great pride in keeping them at their best.

A beautiful vintage sleigh wouldn’t be complete without an equally magnificent team of horses to lead it through the snowy winter wonderland. Our beautiful amish-bred Belgian draft horses lead the way, completing the fairy tale picture. Our local guides take the reins and tell you all about the history and ecology of the area, including the wildlife that may wander through the cottonwood forest along the banks of the Snake River.

Sleigh Rides


Sleigh Ride with Dinner

Our most sought-after tour includes a magical sleigh ride to our cozy and inviting Tipi Camp where you will be greeted with hot beverages and appetizers by the fireside while our chefs prepare your main course. A gourmet meal is served, offering cooked-to-order wagyu beef, salmon, and fine cuts of bison accompanied by delectable vegetable sides. Satisfy your sweet tooth with dessert in our candle lit tipi: our famous triple berry crisp with whipped cream. Delicious!

Appetizer Sleigh Ride

For a lighter fare, this tour enjoys an evening sleigh ride with the painted backdrop of a sunset over the Teton Mountain Range, then basking in the warm alpenglow. A warm welcome awaits you in Tipi Camp with a crackling campfire and hot beverages. Light appetizers are served, and best enjoyed in the glow of the firelight or inside our cozy heated tipi snug under a blanket.

A Young Girl Offers A Cooked S'more Cookie To The Camera During A Visit To Tipi Camp On A Jackson Hole Vintage Adventures Sleigh Ride

Additional Tours

Sleigh Ride with Lunch

Depart earlier in the day for an afternoon sleigh ride to your lunch destination. The afternoon provides the best opportunity to spot wildlife, so keep your eyes peeled while you glide through the snowy cottonwood forest. Tipi Camp is ready for your arrival with a heated tipi and warm refreshments. Indulge in light appetizers, hearty, homemade soups, and rich, fresh gourmet grilled cheese sandwiches. If you’re craving something sweet, our mouthwatering fresh baked cookies are sure to satisfy.

Hot Chocolate Sleigh Ride

Traveling with children and looking for something that would be fun for the whole family? Our hot chocolate sleigh ride is a delight. Set out on an afternoon sleigh ride along the renowned Snake River. Search for wildlife along the riverbanks and amongst the trees on your way to Tipi Camp. You’ll be welcomed with warm, rich hot chocolate and sweet treats. Enjoy freshly baked cookies, roast marshmallows on the roaring fire, and build gooey smores. Grab some snowshoes and explore around the camp, build a snowman, have a snowball fight! If you’re looking to unwind, put your feet up by the fire or enjoy the heated tipi and soft blankets.

Simply Sleigh

If you’re looking only for a sleigh ride adventure without any stops, this is the trip for you! Get a big breath of fresh mountain air as you explore the banks of the Snake River from our classic, vintage wooden sleigh. Bask in the beauty of the Teton Mountain Range views and look for bald eagles, swans and moose. You’ll still be able to indulge in our delicious hot chocolate and cookies along the way as you ride!


Jackson WY Winter things to do


Jackson Hole is undoubtedly an incredibly special and magical place to visit in the winter months. Let Jackson Hole Vintage Adventures guide you into a dream world that you thought only existed in fairy tales. You’ll have to pinch yourself to make sure it’s real! Reserve your adventure now and get ready to delight in winter.



Where can I find a private sleigh ride in Jackson Hole Wyoming?

At Jackson Hole Vintage adventures, all of our sleigh rides are private. We want to ensure that we provide the absolute best experience for you and your family and friends. We arrange a convenient pickup so that your entire experience is stress free, and we have two separate private dining areas available at Tipi Camp. If you’d like to have the camp to yourself for an even more private, exclusive experience, we offer camp buyouts at an additional fee.

Is there any place in Jackson Hole Wyoming that does 2 person sleigh rides?

If you’re traveling with a close friend, bonding with a family member, or looking for something more romantic, Jackson Hole Vintage Adventures offers private sleigh rides, accommodating anywhere from 2-18 guests.

How long are the jackson hole sleigh rides?

Our Jackson Hole sleigh rides vary in length depending on the trip. They range anywhere from 2-4 hours, with some trips running longer or shorter. Our hot chocolate sleigh ride and simply sleigh options are 2-3 hours, while our appetizer, dinner, and lunch sleigh rides are 3-4 hours in duration. Because every trip is private, we can adjust to make it longer or shorter as you wish.  If you join us for a dinner sleigh ride, you are free to stay at camp until the fire is out and the drinks are gone.


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