Jackson Hole Winter Adventure

A Team Of Belgian Draft Horses Waits In The Snow With A Playful Tongue Catching Snowflakes

Snow, Sleighs, and S’mores – Winter Adventure in Jackson Hole

As the last few leaves fall from the trees and we enjoy these last few days of cool mornings and warm afternoons, we know what comes next; the snow starts to fly, blanketing the valley and settling in for a long winter.  Winter in Jackson Hole brings skiing, snowshoeing and sleigh rides!  Nothing is more magical than climbing aboard a hand-built wooden sleigh and being pulled through a cottonwood forest by a team of beautiful Belgians.


A Team Of Belgian Draft Horses Waits In The Snow With A Playful Tongue Catching Snowflakes
Don and Buzz are a team of magnificent Belgians. Waiting patiently for guests to load on the sleigh is a good time to catch a few snowflakes on your tongue.


Don and Buzz were born and raised on Amish farms and came to Jackson Hole in 2018.  Weighing in at one ton each, they’re truly gentle giants.  In the summer time, they pull a wagon through the cottonwood forest before arriving at Tipi Camp, located on the banks of the Snake River.  In the winter, the wagon is traded out for the vintage wooden sleigh and the team heads through a winter wonderland before pulling into camp.


A Vintage Horse Drawn Sleigh Glides Along the Snake River in Jackson Hole
Jackson Hole Vintage Adventures shows guests the quieter side of Jackson Hole with a luxury sleigh ride along the Snake River.


Sleigh Ride with Dinner

For a luxury winter experience, join us for the Dinner Sleigh Ride.  Departing every afternoon, this sleigh ride winds its way through the cottonwood forest before rounding a bend and following the Snake River to camp.  Upon arrival, guests are treated to warm drinks and appetizers while dinner is prepared.  Enjoy a warm winter cocktail next to the campfire or explore camp on snowshoes while you wait for your meal.  (Jackson Hole Vintage Adventures does not supply alcohol, so guests are invited to bring their own beverage to camp.  Bring a bottle of wine to enjoy with dinner or something a little stronger for your hot cocoa.)  Sit down to a gourmet dinner and follow it up with dessert served by candlelight in a warm tipi.  You’ll never want to leave.


A Candlelit Tipi Is Inviting On A Cold Winter Night In Jackson Hole Wyoming
A candlelit tipi is an inviting sight on a cold winter’s evening. Guests are welcome to enjoy dessert either in our heated tipis or next to a comfy campfire.


Wild Child Adventure

For kids at heart, come explore Tipi Camp on a Wild Child Adventure.  This outdoor adventure is all about exploration, sights and sounds of winter.  Guided adventure is suitable for young and old and everyone needs time in the great outdoors.  Reconnect with your curious side and reap the benefits of an afternoon of play.  Hot cocoa and cookies will be available for guests.


Snowshoers Walk Over Snow At Tipi Camp In Jackson Hole Wyoming
Guests set off to explore the cottonwood forest on snowshoes at Tipi Camp.


Ready to Explore

Interested in a winter adventure in Jackson Hole this year?  Contact us to reserve your spot today.