Sleigh Ride Season Is Coming to Jackson Hole

Jackson Hole Sleigh Rides
We’re getting excited about hitching our wonderful team of Belgian horses to the sleighs again for the magical time of sleigh ride season in Jackson Hole. Winter seems to be succeeding in settling early into Jackson Hole this year but the valley floor and along the Snake River has very little snow just yet which means we are still hitching the horses to the wagon for now.

We offer several different sleigh ride options such as simply sleigh rides, dinner sleigh rides or mid-day sleigh rides with lunch. We also began offering a new trip this year called Wild Child. Every time Don and Buzz pull along the trail past the picnic area for the new trip, I remember how much fun we have with kids and families who come down to play in the woods.

The early beginnings of the idea for the trip came to me when I realized how much the horses are really interested in it and enjoy kids. Don and Buzz were both bred, born, raised, trained, and learned to work on Amish farms.  There were bound to be kids around and apparently, they really got along!  For me, the best part of any of the trips with the horses is when the guests choose to spend time getting to know Don and Buzz.  It’s extremely gratifying to see the horses adored and admired, and it’s amazing to watch how much the horses enjoy getting to meet everyone. Watching how the horses connect with children has been downright magical!